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What Happens when you Smoke Cigarettes?

What Happens when you Smoke Cigarettes

Smoking Cigarettes has become very causal in today’s time but that certainly does not mean that its ill effects have lowered. The availability and low cost both have resulted in hype. Cigarettes are as harmful as they were before. There are adverse effects of smoking and in this article we will look at few of them

  • Damages Lungs

Smoking cigarettes damages lungs of a person through inhaling nicotine or other chemicals. Cigarettes are one important cause of lung cancer. The chances of getting lung cancer are higher in women than men. The risk of lung cancer in women is 25.7% and 25% in men.

  • Heart Problem

Through smoking you can damage your heart, blood cells and blood vessels. The tar and chemicals in cigarettes can eventually increase the plaque called atherosclerosis in the blood vessels, which can cause dangerous blockages and limit or stop the blood flow.

  • Fertility Issues

Erectile dysfunction is a problem found in men. This problem could rise due to other reasons as well but the more a man smokes or the longer he smokes he increases the chances of himself to suffer from this dysfunction whereas in the other hand in case of females they may suffer from pregnancy issues as the chemicals and the tobacco found in cigarettes are can cause hormonal imbalance.

  • Weak Immune System

A persons immune system can get weak due to smoking cigarettes which eventually increases their chances of getting ill higher and also it could lead inflammation in the body. Weakened immune system makes a person more prone fall ill frequently.

  • Vision or Eye problem

Smoking can lead to eye problems like glaucoma, dry eyes and diabetic retinopathy. Also it increases the chances of macular degeneration (its an age related problem) and also cataract.

  • Oral problem

People who smoke have a greater chances of getting oral problems like gum infection.Tender and swollen gums, bleeding, sensitive or loose teeth. Smoking also stains teeth.

  • Skin and Hair problems

Smoking has a great impact on a persons skin and hair. Smoking could lead to balding or hair loss. Someone who smokes could age prematurely which can result in wrinkled skin or can even lead to skin cancer.

  • Passive Smoking

Passive smoking has an ill effect on the people that are around the smoker. Passive smoking effects as much as smoking would. Passive smoking could make asthma worse, raise the blood pressure level or could even damage the heart.

  • Higher risk of getting Cancer

As we all are aware smoking is injurious to health and causes cancer but most people think it only causes lungs or mouth cancer which is not true. It could also lead to other cancers like stomach, cervix, pancreatic, kidney, liver, colon etc.


Quitting smoking is difficult but it’s definitely not impossible yes quitting nicotine could cause some symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms include increased irritability and appetite. It is always better to seek some professional help a professional health care could help in taking positive and effective steps.