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What Exactly are E-cigarettes

What Exactly are E-cigarettes

E-cigarette’s are an alternative of cigarettes. There are two types of e-cigarettes, one is reusable and the other is disposable. An e-cigarette resembles a cigar or cigarette. Most e-cigarettes have rechargeable batteries. They come with a cartridge or a mouthpiece. They are electronic based and they work on a heating element.

A sensor gets activated every time someone pulls on the mouthpiece. It gets activated because of the heating element. Through this process a flavoured liquid solution gets vaporized. This process is also called vaping. The amount of nicotine varies sometimes extra high to zero or 36 mg to 24 mg per ml (millilitre).

The cartridge is a mouthpiece that is attached at the bottom of the tube. The cartridge is replaceable and can be changed time to time. The absorbent material that is drenched in a solution is located in a small cup in the mouthpiece.

The solution that can be inhaled or vaped is possible only through the heating element present that causes it to vaporize.  The heating element is known as the Atomizer.

The vape is activated can be recognized by the LED that starts bleeping every time the vape gets activated through the sensor. Sensor is the process through which the heater gets activated.

The vape functions on flavoured solutions, the solutions are generally known as e-juice or e-solution. This solution is generated from the tobacco that is extracted and then mixed with a base usually flavouring. There are many flavours that can be picked like menthol, watermelon etc. Some of the flavours even try to mimic the traditional cigarette.

Risks that come along with vaping or e-cigarettes

  • Most of the e-cigarettes contain high or certain amount of nicotine which is addictive and harmful. It can bring harmful changes in an adolescent brain and also is very dangerous during pregnancy.
  • The aerosol solutions used as the flavouring component are also harmful and damaging.
  • E-cigarettes can cause a lung damaging disease which can be irreversible and severe in nature, this disease is known as popcorn lung. This is possible because through e-cigarettes the lungs are exposed to a lot of substances.
  • There have been cases where people have accidentally swallowed the inhaling liquid resulting in fatal poisoning.
  • At one point it was believed that e-cigarettes would help one quit smoking. But in fact one is more likely to never quit smoking once trapped in this world.
  • There are greater chances of teenagers who use e-cigarette products to use regular tobacco as well.
  • The intake of nicotine can certainly lead to other drugs as well. Like cocaine
  • The marketing, concept and flavour are all reasons why teenagers get tempted and start vaping, which eventually will lead them to smoking at a later stage in life.
  • Smoking e-cigarettes emit carcinogenic.


According to a research it was found out that the nitrosamines present in e-cigarettes can harm the DNA and also the ability of repair cells of the lungs were significantly reduced after being exposed to e-cigarettes. Therefore, it is possible that e-cigarettes can lead to lung and other cancers.